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ASC Icecube unload

Photos courtesy of National Science Foundation

The majority of positions for ASC are contracted for a set period of time. Most people will work a contract during the busy austral summer season (October-February) at McMurdo or South Pole stations. There are also a select number of Antarctic winter positions available (February-October). Employees are expected to remain on station for the duration of their contract.

ASC workers

Most Antarctic operations take place at three U.S. stations (McMurdo, Palmer, and South Pole), two research vessels (the Laurence M. Gould and the Nathaniel B. Palmer), as well as field camps.

Salaries are competitive with similar positions in the U.S., and benefits are offered. Pay is direct deposited in your U.S. bank account. Airfare from your home to the station or research vessel is included, as is room and board.

In addition to the required job skills, all candidates must pass strict physical and dental examinations, a psychological examination for winter positions, a pre-employment background check, a drug screen, and proof of U.S. citizenship.

Employees live in dormitory rooms, with meals provided. Dining is cafeteria-style, and recreational opportunities include educational and physical activities.  Communication with family and friends is available through Internet and telephone. No personal use of Skype™ or similar types of video chat communication is allowed because of bandwidth limitations.

Working to Support Science in Antarctica

The Antarctic Support Contract team provides station operations, logistics, information technology, construction, maintenance and more on Antarctica and at support facilities worldwide.

Details about each station, average populations, temperatures, recreation, mailing addresses, and more, are provided in the United States Antarctic Program Participant Guide. For program or HR inquiries, contact


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