Australian Graduate Program

Lockheed Martin Australia will challenge you immediately with technical challenges that involve critical human needs.

Our Graduate Program is designed to expose you to unique learning opportunities, while contributing to stimulating, groundbreaking projects.

We offer

•       A structured induction program
•       On the job training in company specific processes and techniques
•       Coaching and mentoring program
•       Access to leading technology and thought leadership
•       An opportunity to engage with senior leaders
•       Offsite development days and an established career development plan

Applications for the 2018 Graduate intake have now closed.


What our grads say


"I was interested in the aerospace and defence sectors and wanted to contribute to the advanced technologies of the future. As a leader in its field, Lockheed Martin fits the bill perfectly.

"During my time with Lockheed Martin Australia, I've been given a lot of opportunities to work in different parts of the business; this has helped me work out what I really want to do. One of the reasons I love working for Lockheed Martin is that they let you travel this journey, and support you while you do.

"Lockheed Martin Australia are always keen to help their employees including providing sponsorship through the Education Assistance Program. This kind of support is so valuable, especially early on in your career."

  Quality engineer associate

"I was drawn to work for Lockheed Martin because I wanted to work on cutting edge technology in the aerospace field.

"The Lockheed Martin Australia Graduate Program has been a great introduction into working for a global company and has offered me multiple opportunities to network with people who have been in the industry for many years. The program has also provided training programs to develop my business understanding and personal skills. There are also many technical courses that have been made available to me so that I may further develop my technical skills in relevant fields.

"The company culture is very supportive and one that strives for excellence in all areas. It is very friendly and fun whilst maintaining a strong focus on goals.  I feel like part of a team where I get the support I need to develop my skills and build my experience."

- Jo 
  Hardware engineer


Career Fairs

Our graduates represent Lockheed Martin Australia at career fairs and expos.  Here are some of their comments:

“Representing Lockheed Martin was awesome and a lot of fun.”

“I’m straight out of Adelaide University so to be there representing Lockheed Martin was a proud moment for me.”

“The students were very interested in what Lockheed Martin does and what the engineers at Lockheed Martin do. It felt really good to be a representative of the company.”

“I focused on my experience working for Lockheed Martin and they were very interested hearing a personal perspective on the nature of our work.”

“It was fairly busy with a constant flow of people coming and talking to us and wanting to know more about Lockheed Martin. They were very engaged.”

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Lockheed Martin Australia Voted Top 100 Graduate Employer

Lockheed Martin Australia is recognised by GradAustralia as one of the top organisation that Australian University Students would like to work for in the engineering services, design and manufacturing sector.

Australia’s Top 100 Graduate Employer survey, conducted by GradAustralia, ranks and evaluates the most desirable employers to work for as a university graduate based on feedback from students across higher education institutions around Australia. The survey provides a valuable insight into what students are looking for in employers and careers.

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