For Security. For Industry. For Australia.

For Australia

For Security.


The men and women of Lockheed Martin Australia are committed to helping build a stronger, more secure nation. We’re delivering the stealth and speed required to dominate the skies, sensors that provide over-the-horizon surveillance of aircraft and ships, and a combat system that can evolve to meet future threats—and that’s just to start. Whether in the air, on land, at sea, or in space, together we’ve got Australia covered.


F-35 Security
JORN Security
SEA1000 Security
Space Fence Security

For Industry.


Through commitments to local industry, Lockheed Martin Australia is helping to support the economy and integrate Australian technologies into the Commonwealth’s Australian Government’s platforms and systems. Since the inception of the Lockheed Martin Global Supply Chain program in 2012, we have awarded close to $25 million Australian dollars in maritime-related contracts to Australian companies. In addition:

  • Twenty-eight Australian companies have participated in the F-35 program, with a total contract value of more than $5.2 million Australian dollars.
  • The total potential value of F-35 related contracts for Australian companies is estimated to be up to $7.9 billion Australian dollars.
  • In partnership with Australian-based Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd, we are developing a new space object tracking site in Western Australia.

For Australia

For Australia.


For Australia

For more than 50 years, Lockheed Martin Australia has shared in the nation’s goal to develop a highly-skilled, sustainable domestic workforce. That’s why we’ve focused on mentoring and training Australian employees to introduce technical skills and best practices across multiple platforms and domains. We employ a dedicated workforce of more than 1,000 Australian men and women in every mainland state and territory, and continue to generate local jobs in defence and technology. Our investments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives create opportunities for thousands of Australians to enjoy a better future.

  • We have invested more than $375,000 (AUD) into Australia’s pre-eminent National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) to promote STEM tertiary study opportunities and career paths for students entering Year 12.
  • We have built a Submarine Combat System Laboratory at our Mawson Lakes facility in Adelaide, South Australia, to serve as a defence innovation hub for industry, academia and Australian subject matter experts.