Integrated Joint Battle Management

Integrated Joint Battle Management

From sea to air to land to space, we’re helping to strengthen Australia across all domains.

As the prime developer and systems integrator for the RAAF’s new transformative centrepiece, the F‐35, Lockheed Martin understands integrated joint battle management. That’s why we’re developing solutions that net together platforms, sensors, and weapon systems–extending operational capabilities that go far beyond the power and resiliency of any individual node. We synchronise air, space, electromagnetic and cyber domains, ultimately enabling a fully networked, joint force that is able to stay ahead in an increasingly complex battlespace.

Proven C4ISR Experience

5th Generation C4ISR

We have a rich legacy integrating air, land, sea, space and cyber domains for governments around the world. From developing the enterprise system that directs flying operations for U.S. military forces to enabling the Ballistic Missile Defence System to operate as a global network, we bring this experience to Australia.  We are at the forefront of 5th generation design and integration.  We have the proven experience in developing enterprise systems for governments around the world

We know that protecting Australia will be enhanced by maintaining interoperability with regional parties and allies. Leveraging an extensive knowledge of open architectures and cross domain solutions, we will enable the Australian Defence Force to shift away from proprietary, closed, contractor-owned systems to develop a modular, government-owned enterprise that easily interoperates with legacy solutions and supports Joint, Allied and Coalition interoperability.

Our approach includes:

  • Convergence of operations and intelligence environments
  • Vertical integration of strategic, operational & tactical domains
  • Horizontal integration across Air, Land, Sea, Space, and Cyber


Systems Integration Expertise


At Lockheed Martin, we have a rich legacy developing complex large scale systems. Our C4ISR systems enable broader information within Anti-Air and Air defence zones by providing the ability to extend that information to all assets in the battlespace. Our extensive knowledge of vendor agnostic open systems architecture and enterprise level fusion allows Lockheed Martin to develop systems with robust, software-centric architectures that support rapid change, encourage innovation, expedite functionality and support Joint, Allied and Coalition interoperability.

Systems Integration

Commitment to Australia



From strengthening the Australian Defence Force to partnering with Australian industry and inspiring future technologists, we are committed to helping to build a stronger more secure Australia.  Since the inception of the Lockheed Martin Global Supply Chain program in 2012, we have awarded over $50 million in contracts to Australian companies. We have invested $13 million to establish a Science, Technology, Engineering Leadership and Research Laboratory (STELaRLab) in Melbourne. We have more than 800 employees here in Australia and New Zealand and this will continue to grow. As AIR 6500 progresses, we plan to actively grow our C4ISR skill base and capabilities to add additional high tech jobs to the market. Through STEM outreach and academic partnerships, our team will actively develop and recruit Australians with the critical skills required for sustained domestic support of AIR 6500 for the life of type.

VIDEO: Operating In Today's Multi Domain Environment


Adversaries are highly adaptive and threat environments are becoming increasingly complex. Fifth Generation C4ISR is a joint battle management system that can gather data, understand it, and communicate freely with each and all of its components. 

By translating technical capability into operational reality, Fifth Generation C4ISR ensures low-risk, technologically superior solutions that address ever-evolving challenges.



Steve Froelich
Director of Operational Command & Control, Lockheed Martin C4ISR

Steve Froelich, director of Operational Command and Control with Lockheed Martin, has more than 35 years with industry and the military. A former Navy officer, he currently heads a team that offers solutions for information and intelligence sharing across military branches and domains to enable decision superiority.

In the military, the world of tomorrow is quickly becoming the world of today. Testimony to this is the Australian Air Force’s Plan Jericho vision to transform into a modern, fully integrated combat force. Key to this next generation force is AIR 6500, a joint battle management system that maximises sensor capabilities offered by 5th generation platforms. By netting together platforms, sensors and weapons systems with C4ISR operations, AIR 6500 will set new standards for “Five-Eyes” coalition operations.

While transformational in its objectives, AIR 6500 faces technical, operational and acquisition challenges before implementation. AIR 6500 will be a JOINT integrated system which will incorporate a multitude of Australian Defence Force platforms, programs and capabilities. AIR 6500 requires adopting a 5th Gen approach that is capability-centric, not platform centric.

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Kendell Kuczma

A keen interest in procuring first-of-type capabilities and an opportunity to revolutionise defence force capability made Lockheed Martin Australia the employer of choice for Kendell Kuczma.

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Tony Lindsay

Dr. Tony Lindsay is an Australian expert in C4ISREW technologies and joined Lockheed Martin Australia after a distinguished career within the Defence Science and Technology Group.

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